Mac os x lion tips and tricks

Quicktime has some nice new features

Mac OS X Lion has been here for a week now. You've watched the Quick Look , read up on the essentials and learned how to perform a clean OS install. What's left?

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Learning all of Lion's little secrets. Apple's gesture preferences will help you learn the ropes of every swipe and pinch, but Lion's full of helpful shortcuts and little changes that aren't obvious at first glance. Apple site Tidbits has compiled a lengthy list of changes in OS X Lion, and we've pulled out some of the best that make the Lion experience faster and friendlier.

Miscellaneous Lion Tips and Tricks, Part 2 – MacStories

For example: Option also allows you to click on and preview a desktop without leaving Mission Control. Lion touts more than new features, but Apple only advertises a few of them. Enter in your query, and check the bottom of the Spotlight drop-down menu to see "Search web for" and "Search Wikipedia for. If you click the Action arrow in Quicktime, you'll see a bunch of cool new features you can use. Also, if you go to File then Export, you can strip the audio from a movie and create a separate file.

Now, Dashboard will overlay your desktop, just like it used to. Activate it by pressing the Dashboard button your Mac keyboard or by using a Hot Corner. If you hold down a letter on an iPhone or iPad virtual keyboard, a list pops of of accents to put above the letter.

Handy Tips and Hidden Tricks for Mac OS X Lion

Now in Lion, it's the same. Hold down any letter while you're typing, and a list pops up of accent options. Type the corresponding number to select which accent you want, or just click it.

OSX Lion Tips + Tricks / Hidden Features!

It doesn't work in every app just yet like Chrome , but it already works in many apps like Adium, and apps that ship with Lion. Apple has always chosen carefully which wallpapers to pack into each new operating system, and they didn't slack off with Lion. Another tip is that if you want to set a different wallpaper for each of your Spaces, just open up this same screen and pick a new wallpaper while you're in any space.

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Until you get rid of the space, each space will keep the wallpaper you assign to it. Looking for a document, but not exactly sure what it's called? Once again, we have collected the best tips sent to us by our readers and Twitter followers in an article that will hopefully help you discover new things Apple didn't talk about at its developer events or in Lion's promo video.

Jump after the break for a second list of Lion tips and tricks you can try right now. In OS X Lion, application windows open with a new animation that makes a window quickly pop in from the center of the screen, and expand to its default width and height. Whilst the new animation can be "cool" on the first app launches, it can become annoying after a few weeks. To disable Lion's new window animation, and get back to Snow Leopard's standard one, type the following command in the Terminal without quotes: Same as above, only it applies to window animations in replies from Mail.

You can assign a keyboard to show the desktop, application windows, and even move between spaces. If you find Lion's default behavior to display accented letters annoying, you can revert back to a more standard setting that will enable key repeating. Type this command in the Terminal: This is a simple one: Mission Control is easy to understand, but it can get busy pretty quickly if you have lots of apps open and you don't use virtual desktops.

Fun and useful things you can do in OS X Lion

If you want bigger window previews in Mission Control, you can Quick Look them. The easiest way to see the feature in action is assign Application Windows a keyboard shortcut, open some documents in Preview, close those documents, and open another one.

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  • Miscellaneous Lion Tips and Tricks, Part 2!

If the files are still on your computer, the Application Windows shortcut will show "recent documents" below the open windows, which you can click to open again. The new Mail.

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To enable it, open Mail's Preferences, navigate to the Viewing tab and check "Include related messages". Wi-Fi Diagnostics will "diagnose your wireless network, record network events, capture network traffic, and turn on debug logs".