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Professional learning units are also available with these courses. Here is the lineup:. The course starts at 9: The online class is conducted using the GoToTraining software. Users will need the very latest Rhino for Mac version installed before the class. Rhino 5 for Windows will not be acceptable for this class. A fast and stable Internet connection is also a must. You can sign-up and learn more here. In early May users who are interested in learning Grasshopper can also signup for an introductory course aimed at design professionals.

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Instructor Andres Gonzalez will get you started with generative modeling in Rhino 5 using the Grasshopper add-on. The advantages of using Grasshopper in preliminary design and concept development come to life in numerous real-life examples. Grasshopper will be part of Rhino 6, so this is a good time to get ahead with this technology.

The course runs from 1 — 4 May Using the exercise files 35s. What is Rhino for Mac? System requirements and supported hardware 1m 42s. Downloading and installing Rhino for Mac 5m 18s. Getting Acquainted with Rhino 5 for Mac. Start window 4m 45s. Rhino interface basics 10m 20s. Navigating viewports 7m 28s.

Customizing viewports 12m 41s. File management 6m 25s. Rhino objects 9m 50s. Selecting objects 7m 32s. Rhino commands 8m 35s. Staying organized 18m 43s. Help and troubleshooting 8m 39s.

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Differences between Rhino 5 for Mac and Rhino for Windows. What's missing from Windows 1m 20s. Keyboard, mouse, and peripheral differences 1m 30s. Contextual menu differences 58s.

Rhino for Mac

Commands and command-line differences 2m 32s. Toolbar and palette differences 2m 16s. Autosave differences 38s. Curve basics 7m 17s. Drawing lines and curve primitives 15m 12s. Drawing freeform curves 9m 45s. Analyzing curves 14m 35s. Editing curves 15m 3s. Surface basics 10m 2s. Making extrusion surfaces 7m 29s. Lofting surfaces 10m 42s.

Surfaces from edge curves 4m 18s. Creating revolved surfaces 5m 3s.

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Making surfaces with sweep commands 15m 15s. Network surface creation 20m 51s. Surface analysis 9m 23s. Sidebar Sitemap. Rhino for Windows.

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Cloud Zoo. Find out what the differences are here. System requirements to run Rhino 5 for Mac. Tutorials and videos for Rhino 5 for Mac. User's Guide for Rhino 5 for Mac online version.

Rhino 5 for Mac Tutorials on Vimeo. Coming from Rhino for Windows?