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Re-attach the side strips to secure the hard drive in place, and then slide the whole lot back into the Synology. Looking at naked hard drives can be scary for some, but installation into the NAS is very straightforward and simple.

The clever design of the Synology bays eliminates the need for screws, or any tools at all. Aside from hard drive installation, the Synology hardware is as simple to configure as any other home appliance. Plug in the Ethernet and power cord, then switch it on. I knew about the easy-to-switch drive bays, but I had this feeling that the software configuration would be finicky and annoying.

For the most part, I was very wrong. Setting up the Synology system is a breeze.

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Eventually, you gain access to the real Synology system — again exposed through a web UI. This is fine but it is sluggish; any click takes at least a second for something to happen. Clicking on things is not as responsive as a real desktop computer by any means, however much it tries to ape the visual appearance. There are hundreds of online tutorials if you really want pictorial step-by-step guides for any feature, and the manual PDF included with the Synology is pretty good to boot.

I think I referenced the official how-to guide once. The iOS apps are bad. I use Plex. Plex then asks for pointers to the folder structure; these are the shared folders that were configured earlier. From then on, the Plex service runs autonomously. Time Machine backup setup is a bit more intricate. Could Synology design this setup to be simpler?

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Does it really matter? Probably not. Like with Plex, the steps only needs to be done once and then it can be left to its own devices. Obviously, there is a lot more the Synology can do beyond Plex and Time Machine. You can run your own email mailbox, host a web server on it, replace Apple Photos and much more. I think the important takeaway is none of this is as hard or as scary as the alphabet soup of acronyms could imply.

Loading content into Plex is straightforward. Plex will happily import most file formats, as it automatically transcodes the content on-the-fly to optimize the viewing experience for whatever device you are using to watch. To help Plex attach the correct metadata, it is recommended to name files in a certain way. The rules are very simple — read the documentation on this for more information.

Acquiring such content is the real tricky bit here: Obviously, there are other avenues to find TV shows and theatre films digitally. Once loaded, you can access your movies and TV shows through a variety of apps. The great thing is, because everything is being hosted on an always-on network-connected NAS, you can access your library outside of your home network too. A big draw for me was the Apple TV compatibility. With older Apple TV models, you had to jailbreak to get some semblance of a Plex interface. The app is great. The app is logically structured, with shows separated by season.

2. Configure Sharing

You can also just press Play at the show level and it will pick up where you left off. The detail views look good, assuming you have correct metadata for your content.

1. Sort Out Your Hardware

Synology NAS is available with different bays and DDR3 sizes so one can quickly select model as per requirement and enjoy great storage with high transfer speed on Operating System like Mac. And use best NAS for mac home network. The Noontec Terramaster NAS is created using durable aluminum alloy material with low noise fans for heat dissipation.

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The NAS is featured with Intel 2. The disks are easy to operate and reliable to protect HDDs inside. The NAS is crafted with useful functions and storage capacities so that you can conveniently buy for small business or home purpose. It is a massive storage junction from where you can collect and store data via internet or Apps from anywhere although USB can also be used to transfer data.

The Right Connections

The system consisting of Btrfs system which enables complete data protection with built-in anti-virus to ensure zero loss of data. Fireproof and Waterproof design and technology can resist fire up to F for half an hour, and in water, it is capable of staying 72 hours when submerged up to 10 foot. It comes with a stunning black color, and it ideally works with PCs and Mac. When you need some high cloud storage to save and protect data for small business or for home use it is the best buy for you. The advanced dual-core processor enhances your experience by increasing the speed of data transfer.

The indicators indicate the HDDs that they are working or not. The USB port is also given so that you can add data using pen drive and mobiles or else you can transfer using the internet. Get installation help on purchase with it. It has six bays in which you can add 6 HDDs for massive storage. It is most probably used in small business centers to store and share the bunch of data anytime from anywhere.

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